You have a story... we all do!

The Story Reaper is a family-friendly fantasy fiction podcast that follows the journey of the mysterious Story Reaper, and their courageous young Apprentice.Each episode, the two visit various individuals from whom they must acquire an untold story. This spooky collection of narratives will take listeners all over the world with the Story Reaper and their apprentice, as they listen to and collect the mysterious accounts of strangers they seek out.This world is full of untold tales - frightful and profound, fantastical and honest.These stories are waiting. And they must be collected.

Directed and Cast by Candace Hudert
Produced by Emma Whisler and Cassie Soliday
Written by Chris Burke, Anise Overton, Emma Whisler, Melissa Villegas, Allison Jarvis, Danielle Monique, Chitra Soundar, Leigh-Ann De Wee, and Candace Hudert
Story Edited by Cassie Soliday
Takuma Okada as The Story Reaper
Miranda Holliday as The Apprentice
Music by Andrew Jacques
Sound Mix by James Raudabaugh
Artwork designed by Alexandra Fielding
Sound Effects from Epidemic Sound

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October 31st, 2023

Episode 100: TEASER

A mysterious entity, the Story Reaper, and their young Apprentice travel the world to collect the untold and unnerving accounts of strangers.

November 28th, 2023

Episode 101: SPLAT!

Written by Chris Burke and Anise Overton

A 13-year-old is thrilled to compete on a rebooted 90s game show for kids, but as the competition gets heavy and the challenges deadly, all is not as it seems.

May 9th, 2024

Episode 102: The Salt Keeper

Written by Emma Whisler

A woman recounts one unforgettable summer spent with her best friend in a sleepy fishing town, where they were haunted by a supernatural entity called “The Salt Keeper.”

Episode 103: THE SACRIFICE

Written by Danielle Monique

The Story Reaper and the Apprentice offer a teenage boy a ride - in exchange for a story. He recalls the dark discovery of his lineage and the sacrifices his ancestors have made along the way.


Episode 104: A WITCHES' TALE

Written by Allison Jarvis

The Apprentice and Story Reaper’s journey is interrupted by four young quirky witches who each have a story they’re begging to tell - but can any of them stay focused long enough to tell us how it ends?


Episode 105: A Bruja's Love

Written by Melissa Villegas

In Mexico City, every year on her birthday a teenage girl lights a candle in hopes that her mother will return to her, after having unveiled a grave secret.


Episode 106: CURRY DOCKS

Written by Chitra Soundar

The Apprentice is lured by a mysterious girl to Curry Docks, the abandoned port on the English coast, where all that’s left is the melancholic and ghostly singing of abandoned Indian servant girls.



Written by Leigh-Ann de Wee

In Cape Town South Africa, a young artist aspires to be the greatest painter in the world, but goes to sinister lengths to make it happen.


Episode 108: HUNGRY HOUSE

Written by Candace Hudert

After a harrowing escape, the Story Reaper brings the Apprentice to their next stop - or what would be, if the person inside would let them in.



The Story Reaper is a collaboration between nine writers of varied backgrounds, writing styles, and interests with one common goal in mind: to tell untold stories and celebrate life in all of its textures through haunting tales.The podcast’s tone ranges from comedic to hair-raising, intended for family audiences.This international group was formed in the Spring of 2022 in the Women in Animation Writing Mentorship Circle, led by mentor Cassie Soliday.Their love for stories told by diverse and under-represented voices led them to collaborate on this project in order to not only showcase their talent but also entertain and connect with audiences worldwide.


Candace Hudert (all)
Director & Writer

Candace Hudert makes work that is clown and queer. Zir work seeks to challenge and stretch what is expected or known into a kinder, more caring, more attentive, and more inclusive space than the world at large. It needs to exist so he can.Candace currently serves as the director and a contributing writer on The Story Reaper podcast. She also is the lead producer on Strange Scaffold's hit indie game El Paso, Elsewhere, teaches high schoolers about event lighting, writes comics and live action shorts, designs sound for plays, reads a lot of fanfic, spends so much time in the garden... they are busy!Episode 108, Hungry House was written by Candace

Emma Whisler (she/her)
Co-Producer & Writer

Emma Whisler is a New England-raised, LA-based TV genre writer and production professional in the animation and post-production world. She loves pulling queer characters into whimsical worlds, served with a side of action-adventure.She currently serves as a co-producer and contributing writer for The Story Reaper Podcast. When she's not working on a creative project, she can be found sailing on tall ships, reading, or learning new crafts.Episode 102, The Salt Keeper was written by Emma

Cassie Soliday (they/she)
Co-Producer & Story Editor

Cassie Soliday is a comedy writer and cartoonist. They primarily write for TV animation and have done so for companies like Disney, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros, and more.Cassie couldn't be more thrilled to be story editing and co-producing The Story Reaper podcast with this wonderfully talented cohort!

Chris Burke (they/them)

Chris Burke is a TV writer focused on destroying the gender binary and representing neurodiversity in genre animation for kids. They spent their formative years in the Midwest, becoming hopelessly lost in corn mazes.Episode 101, SPLAT!, was co-written by Chris with the story by Chris

Anise Overton (she/her)

Anise Overton is a writer who specializes in urban fantasy, comedic dialogue, and friendship dynamics. She is from Atlanta, Georgia, but she's currently living in Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan, where she works as a high school English teacher.In her spare time, she's been writing, cooking, watching shows, and going to grocery stores late at night for discounted sashimi.Episode 101, SPLAT! was co-written by Anise

Melissa Villegas (she/her)

Melissa Villegas is an animation TV writer that loves to tell stories of found family, adventure, and magic. She strives to bring more Hispanic representation into the animation community one strong female lead at a time.Apart from writing you can find her catching up on TV shows, playing with her tabby cat, and making memories with her friends throughout the Bay Area.Episode 103, A Bruja's Love was written by Melissa

Allison Jarvis (she/they)

When Allison isn’t baking pies at Wallingford Farm in Maine, she’s writing stories for animated TV shows and podcasts. Allison was a mentee in the WIA mentor circle for animation writing led by Cassie Soliday, and she is currently participating in the Story Artist Mentorship program run by Sergio Baez.Allison enjoys telling stories that involve queer, quirky characters, heartwarming moments, and a touch of magical mischief. She is currently working on her own comic series starring original characters who are just as neurodivergent as she is!Episode 104, A Witches' Tale was written by Allison

Danielle Monique (she/they)

Danielle Monique is a Black queer nonbinary woman who writes serious and silly work primarily about the effects of marginalization and finding community. Originally from South Texas, she now lives in Los Angeles.When not writing, they can be found communing with the ancestors, playing video games that go easy on the heart, or taking sass from their dog.Episode 105, The Sacrifice was written by Danielle

Chitra Soundar (she/her)

Chitra Soundar is an award-winning author of over 60 books for children. She creates content for TV, stage, and audio for young audiences. She is currently developing shows based on her books and original projects.When not working, Chitra takes pictures of birds, flowers and random patterns in the concrete jungle.Episode 106, Curry Docks was written by Chitra

Leigh-Ann de Wee (she/her)

Leigh-Ann de Wee is a genre writer based in Cape Town, who explores identity, familial ties and zaniness in her stories.THIRST. is her first animated short, which was funded by the National Film and Video Fund, and will do a festival circuit in 2023/2024. She’s currently developing her first feature film about a Black family of witches.Her first love is and always will be animation. She has big dreams of telling uniquely South African stories through animation. And use the medium as a vehicle to learn more about her lost Khoe and Filipina heritage.Episode 107, The Lady in the Frame was written by Leigh-Ann




Episode 101: SPLAT!
Written by Chris Burke and Anise Overton
Story by Chris Burke
Kasey Britt as Willow
Brandy Stevens as Aunt Tess
Kenton Patric as Dad
Jason Wang as Zack Daley
Mukta Phatak as Zane, Dane, and Thane
Claire Bronchick as Assistant Director

Episode 102: The Salt Keeper
Written by Emma Whisler
Sasha Aronson as Exy
Claire Bronchick as Sal
Josh Elliott as The Fishheads
Candace Hudert as Dad